You need to partner with a bank that has established relationships with other banks in the industry to help you meet your objectives. At CITI, we are that partner.

What does it mean to be a bank that cares? To us, it means putting relationships first. It means honouring our clients, but it also means respecting the other banks and institutions with whom we work. At CITI, we pride ourselves on the sound relationships we share with other banks, in our role as both a corresponding partner and loan syndicator.

Financial Institutions

Local and international banks need a strong correspondent banking partner that understands their priorities, brings a full range of services and products, and has the tools to allow them to meet their clients’ needs and institutional objectives.

With our extensive global network of correspondent banking relationships spanning across 52 countries and more than 220 banks, we can be your preferred and reliable partner who can help you connect with the world.

Over and above the substantial range of banking services and products we offer our clients, we also offer correspondent banking facilities, including, but not limited to:

Vostro accounts


Various funding options

Issuance of guarantees, Letters of Credit (LC) confirmation, advising, and discounting


Our solid origination, structuring and execution expertise equips us to meet your large funding needs, whatever they may be.

In recent years, we have been consistently ranked one of the UK’s top 5 Mandated Lead Arrangers.  We’ve successfully managed syndications across diverse economic sectors like Power, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Aircraft, Hospitality, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education and others.

Geographically, our syndications team footprint covers the GCC, North Africa, India and the sub-continent, South East Asia and China.

With CITI in charge, you know your loan syndication will be a smooth process, with a successful outcome you can count on.

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